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Support HPNC's Learning Leadership Fund

All kids deserve access to safe and enriching learning environments.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Donate for equity in remote learning

This fall, HPNC has become a learning hub for families seeking opportunities outside the home for their children to engage in remote learning in a supervised, safe setting.

In addition to ensuring students follow assigned virtual school schedules, HPNC provides students with social, recreational, and enrichment activities. These include gardening and nature exploration, cooking/nutrition, a ‘Telling our Covid-19 Story’ writing and art center, recreational games, social-emotional learning, and science activities in partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry.

The recreational and enrichment activities that HPNC builds into each day are especially important to healthy child development. Many children, especially those from lower income families may not otherwise have access to such opportunities in times like these.

The concept of “learning pods” has recently garnered extensive media attention and has heightened concerns that low income children, who may not have access to and support for remote learning, will be left behind, exacerbating inequities and the opportunity gap within our communities.

HPNC is deeply committed to serving youth from all backgrounds. This has been true since our founding in 1909 and is especially important in today's climate. With Chicago Public Schools going online this fall, we are extremely concerned about our lower income families and want them to have access to the academic support, enrichment, and recreation that they need and deserve.

We believe you share our commitment to equal access to essential educational resources and we look forward to working together toward the goal of making the HPNC learning hub available to all!